The 83rd Installation of Club Officers and Directors for the West Side Social Club was held on Monday, January 15, 2018 in the Herbert D. Anderson, Sr. hall.

     Past President, Carol Nicastro Hubbard, serving as the Installation Chairperson, opened the ceremony with sincere words to the membership on the importance of serving as an Officer or a Director for the future of the club, followed by reading the names of all Past President in attendance.

     Past President, Marion Dennehy, serving as the Installation Chaplin, invoked a Blessing and a moment of silence was observed after she read the names of the deceased Past Presidents of the West Side Social Club.

     Past President, Jake Hubbard, serving as the Installing Officer, thanked the retiring Officers and Directors for their efforts for the club. He then called upon, Past President, Patty Hubbard, serving as the Installation Secretary to read the names of 2018 Club Officers and Directors

     President: David Hatfield, Vice President: Michael Delory, Secretary: Carol Hubbard, Corresponding Secretary: Ben Schools, Financial Secretary: Claire Brown, Treasurer: Dennis Hogan, Assistant Treasurer: James Phipps, Chaplin: William Bloom II

     Directors: Timothy Booth, William Bloom III, Patrick Fitzgerald, Jason Lowry, David Ouellette, Francis Ryan and Richard Smith. Missing from the Installation was Paul Lord   

      Installing Officer, Jake Hubbard administered the Oath of Office and concluded with remarks to the 2018 Officers and Directors.

     Following the ceremony, 2017 President, David Hatfield, thanked the membership for making his first year as President a success. He concluded with presenting the Members of the Month with a gift. January: Ed Muse, February: Barbara Duonolo, March: Phil Preston & Pat Fitzgerald, April: Scott Hartman, May: Marion Dennehy, June: Lee Walker, July: Carol & Jake Hubbard, August: Cathymae Carolan, September: Valarie Hatfield, October: Ken MacDermott, November: Bill Bloom II, December: Bill Bloom III. The 2017 Member of Year was presented to Phil Preston.